All of that is costly, but restaurants do it because

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nba cheap jerseys (Some restaurants have taken to using sanitizers as centerpieces or takeaway gifts. “Instead of a mint, you get a hand sanitizer at the end of your meal,” said Tom Sietsema, restaurant critic for The Washington Post.)Of course, diners are required to wear face coverings unless they’re seated.Chef David Burke argues restaurant employees need to continue working to make a living amid the pandemic.”We mitigate every risk that we know of,” said John Vitale, chef owner of Caffe Anello in Westwood, New Jersey.All of that is costly, but restaurants do it because they need the money.”Takeout and delivery is not enough for survival,” said Peter Kelly, chef owner of X2O in Yonkers and Restaurant X and Bully Boy Bar in Congers, New York. “What are restaurants supposed to do just roll over and close?”Chefs and restaurateurs I spoke to maintained that their workers are not being forced to work, but were eager to return, and said they have made sure the working conditions are safe.”We are taking this hyper seriously,” said Chris Cannon, owner of Jockey Hollow Bar Kitchen in Morristown, New Jersey. nba cheap jerseys

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