As the Nationals turned into a wrecking ball last

“Professional football is basically a physical assault by one team upon another.” You won’t ever again hear anyone from the NFL and surely not any defence lawyer representing the league from a concussion or CTE lawsuit say anything within telescope distance of such an evaluation. But the above quote comes from the league’s official history book, published first in 1969 and again in a 1970 update, reflecting on the NFL’s first half century, titled:The First Fifty Years: A Celebration of the National Football League in its Fiftieth Season. merely noted that content was “prepared and produced by the creative staff of National Football League Properties, Inc.” That 50thanniversary was 50 years ago.

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Harper faces his old team without the ring the Nats now own but with so much of his story still to write. As the Nationals turned into a wrecking ball last October, they flipped their reputation as a postseason pushover without Harper. Be careful connecting those dots, because if you do, you’re saying a team won a World Series because it lost a player who hit 35 homers and drove in 114 runs Harper’s first year production with the Phillies.

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