Licht is confident the partnership of Arians

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Cheap Jerseys from china Licht also paid tribute to the influence of head coach Bruce Arians in the Bucs’ ability to sign Brady after the 42 year old left the New England Patriots in free agency.The GM insisted he has no concerns over the win now mindset for the Bucs having a negative impact on a roster with limited postseason experience, the team’s last playoff win having come in the 2002 season.”He didn’t want to come in here and be the almighty, ” Licht said about Brady in an interview with ESPN.”He just wants to make sure that his team mates respect him. And he’s got something to prove.”I don’t have a lot of concerns on that [the urgency to win affecting the roster] right now.”Arians is eyeing a first Super Bowl title as head coach and while Brady has six with the Patriots, no team has ever won the Lombardi Trophy at homefield, an opportunity the Bucs have in the upcoming season.Licht is confident the partnership of Arians, 67, and Brady represents “a perfect marriage” for the franchise.”Getting Tom here, quite frankly, started with hiring Bruce last year,” added Licht. “I don’t know if we would be in this situation right now without Bruce Arians as our cheap jerseys head coach.”And they’re kind of living parallel lives right now; they’ve got something to prove, and they want to do it now.”We have a head coach that, to be quite frank, isn’t gonna be here for the next 15, 20 years coaching the Buccaneers.”So I think cheap jerseys it was actually a perfect marriage: you’ve got two guys that have got something to prove, they want to win, they want to win now, they’ve got the same mindset.”Yahoo NewsWhite House says the Trump administration is people safe at airports despite a lack of coronavirus screeningAmid growing concerns over a lack of passenger screening for the coronavirus at the nation airports, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Wednesday that the Trump administration was taking the issue seriously. Cheap Jerseys from china

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cheap nfl jerseys Reporters even seem to be running out of polite ways to describe Abrams slightly impolite push to get to the front of the line. Savages WHO as it promises pandemic review, but China pledges $2 billionThe World Health Organization said on Monday an independent review of the global coronavirus response would begin as soon as possible and it received backing and a hefty pledge of funds from China, in the spotlight as the origin of the pandemic. Administration of President Donald Trump, decried an “apparent attempt to conceal this outbreak by at least one member state”. cheap nfl jerseys

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