Put on your boogies and Hustle on over to our 70 Disco Party

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a63b364c75b089244458d9fa1c72ae84 Great wording helps make a great invite.  Werent  came up with a few ideas for you … [break] Take a trip with us back in time and throw a groovy disco theme party. Google our page www.werentegypt.com for to see our work for more inspiration. [break] [break] img_4439 The 70’s Were All About Disco! [break] Discos were usually dark but lit up with strobe lights, neon lights, etc. Today at www.werentegypt.com have easier access to lighting solutions than we had in the 70’s, so use that to your advantage and rent from us strobe lights, LED lights, black-lights, etc…High Disco Chairs and Bar. [break] [break] Some easy ideas for 70’s disco themed party decor: [break] Strobe Lights [break] Metallic streamers [break] Neon balloons [break] Black balloons [break] Disco balls [break] Brightly colored tablecloths and party-ware [break] Disco vinyl records [break] Lava lamps [break] Bar and High Chairs [break] Lounges [break] [break] NOW that you have the 70’s disco decor all planned out and ready to groove, now it’s time to put together a far-out playlist of Disco Tunes. [break] [break] Here’s some 70’s disco music ideas to get you started: [break] Billie JeanMichael Jackson [break] Love to Love You BabyDonna Summer [break] I Will SurviveGloria Gaynor [break] Can’t Get Enough Of Your LoveBarry White [break] Last DanceDonna Summer [break] Shake Your Booty KC and the Sunshine Band [break] Stayin’ Alive Bee Gees [break] Love to Love You BabyDonna Summer [break] Hot StuffDonna Summer [break] Funky TownLipps [break] I’m So ExcitedPointer Sisters [break] Le FreakChic [break] Billie JeanMichael Jackson [break] Get UpJames Brown [break] Macho ManVillage People [break] [break] Costumes [break] The most fun part of a 70s disco themed party is the costumes! Both men and women can have a blast picking out and wearing a 70s disco costume. [break] [break] Ideas for the best 70’s disco themed costumes for women: [break] One-piece jumpsuit [break] Afro wig [break] Bell bottom pants with flared sleeve top [break] Platform shoes [break] Metallic or rainbow colored make-up: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara [break] Peace signs [break] Brightly colored accessories [break] Retro or vintage roller skates Mini dress..or mini skirt / Body con dress [break] [break] Best 70’s disco themed costumes for men: [break] Polyester leisure suit [break] Bell bottom pants with band t-shirt [break] Metallic-looking bell bottom pants with matching long-sleeve shirt [break] fro wig [break] Cane and matching hat [break] Large round sunglasses [break] Peace sign necklaces [break] Platform shoes [break] Roller skates [break] If you’re a couple, dress up as Sunny and Cher. Single lady? Dress up like Donna Summer. And so on and so forth. download-2 [break] You have a lot of room to be creative with your 70’s disco themed party menu.
[break] Easy, cheap menu items: [break]
  • Hot dogs with fries
  • Nachos-(brand name in Egypt: Dorittos)
  • Hamburgers
  • Salad
  • Pizza
  • Casseroles of various kinds (Carrots-nuts-popcorn etc)
  • Jello molds
  • potato salad (Mayonnaise-potatoes-tomatoes)
[break] More expensive and fussy (but super fun) menu items: [break]
  • Fondue with seafood, chicken, beef
  • Chocolate fondue with fruit
  • Wine and Cocktails
  • Oysters in the half shell
  • Shrimp cocktail
 Hey! Here is some ideas about the AFRO-GAME! 
 Each team gets a bowl full of popped popcorn and on the start of go one person from each team may throw three pieces of popcorn to try and land them in the AFRO. After each person’s turn the next person on the team takes their turn. They should do this as fast as possible because after three minute .. game is over. Whichever team got the most pieces of popcorn stuck in the afro WINS!
This funny 70’s party game will sure to have your guests cracking up! YALLA LET’S HAVE FUN! 
70’s  Karaoke Contest Purchase a disco karaoke CD or create your own mix. If you don’t have a karaoke machine, consider  turning this into a lip syncing contest.
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